Nail Polish Storage .!.

Hi Friends, few days back I got an email who asked me almost every girls problem , How to store Nail paints ??? So here you can read out how to,,

How To Store Your Nail Polish :

We need to store our nail polishes in the right way if we want them to last for a longer .

We need to store our nail polishes in the right way if we want them to last for a longer time.

Store nail polishes in a cool, dark and dry place
When your polishes are exposed to direct sunlight and heat the polish will thicken and the color will start changing. The best place to keep your nail polish is under your bed or in drawers.

Place your nail polishes in an upright position
– If it doesn’t stand in the right position the polish will slowly leak into the cap making the bottle hard to close. This will definitely dry out the polish and create air bubbles.

I would suggest getting transparent storage boxes or shelves/racks. Even a shoe box will do the job. I found this cute idea where you can store your nail polishes in a little suitcase. I love that!

How to Store your Nail Paints 1

If your nail polishes are stored in drawers or in boxes it can be difficult to see what nail polish color it is so here’s a quick tip: 
Take a pieces of paper and cut small circles and tape them on top of each of your nail polish’ lid. Paint the paper piece with the nail polish and now you know what color polish it is.

I’ve also heard that keeping your nail polish in the fridge will extend its shelf life by slowing down the discoloration that happens when nail polish gets older,how far this workes i never tried.

I hope you found these tips useful! 😉

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