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Choose Loose-Fitting Clothing : Dress in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. Avoid multiple buttons and tight collars.

Choose Clothes that Fit : Don't buy loose clothing that hangs on your frame.Buy clothes that you are comfortable in, standing up or sitting down.

Keep your wardrobe versatile and mix trendy fashions with classic style.

Always wear πŸ‘™bras and panties that fit you well.Many tanks and halter tops now have a built-in bra,a very thing.

Who says you can't wear a tank top in the Winter? Mix and match to find the right balance. Even in cooler climates, a tank top looks just fine in the winter under long sleeves or a jacket. Just make sure you choose similar colors.

Find a Style that Flatters You and Stick With It :: You probably come across styles that look great on you.If the style is trendy, enjoy it for the moment, but don't toss it when the trend ends.Fashion trends have a tendency to come back in style,than you are lucky.

A piece of cloth of any shape or lenght can transform you completely which suits you perfectly.

So always be in vogue!!

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Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan From Body.

How to get rid of Suntan?
Most of the ladies go for bleach and other cosmetic treatments to get rid of the tan. Such treatments might lighten the skin instantly, but in the long run they bring harm to the skin. Sunburn are stubborn they do not go away easily, so you need some patience to deal with them. Here are few home remedies for sun tan removal that will lighten the skin tone, as well as restore back its lost shine.

Lemon juice works wonders to remove sun tan as it has natural bleaching properties. You can directly apply the juice on the affected area and once it dries up wash it with water. Even the mixture of lemon juice and honey will help you in getting rid of the stubborn tan.

It  is known to be a great remedy to get rid of  the tan while its cooling effect soothes the skin. The Vitamin C in the cucumber also keeps the skin moisturized. Make a face pack with cucumber, rose water and lemon juice and apply it on the face. Keep it for 30 minutes and once you remove it you will see great results. 

This also works great in removing sun tan. It has anti-oxidants property, minerals, and vitamins that help in making the skin look healthy. To remove the tan, you can make a mask by mixing tomato pulp, one tablespoon of yogurt and some oatmeal. Remove it after 5-10 minutes and get clear as well as glowing skin.

An excellent natural remedy to remove sun tan is Potato. It is rich in Vitamin C and so works as a great bleaching agent. Cut peeled potatoes and make a paste in the blender. Apply it on the affected area and wash it cold water after 20 to 30 minutes. To get best results add lemon juice to the paste.

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Aloe Vera for All Skin Type !!

Aloe Vera is considered by many to be a miracle plant. Everyone knows that, but does anybody know how we can use as a beauty ingredients. Here are some ways to use of aloe Vera for all skin types.
Aloe Vera works as a magical to glowing skin.

Take some amount aloe vera juice by removing the outter green cover ,apply on on your face and neck, and let it leave for 30 minutes. Rinse off with Lukewarm water.

Make some cucumber juice, aloe Vera gel, curd, rose water, and mix all .Apply on your face and neck, keep it for 10 minutes, then wash off with cold water. This pack gives refreshed ,clean and clear skin.

Crushed almond juice add with aloe vera gel,mix them well and apply on your face and neck, after 15 minutes risen off with cold water.It gives young and soft skin.

Remember nothing can show results in one day ,you need to keep on track to find results.

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Dandruff Causes and Treatment !!

If you're one of those people who are suffering from dandruff. Not only does it undermine your self-esteem, but it limits your wardrobe to light-colored clothing to camouflage the unsightly flakes.


Your scalp sheds cells in a natural process but for some people, excessive flaking occurs when dead skin cells are shed at an increased rate.Also includes overactive oil glands, clogged oil glands, stress, diet, hormonal imbalance, and poor hygiene.

Dandruff Treatments

Keep in mind that there is no definitive cure but there are several ways to manage it and keep in under control. Some dandruff treatments may work, some may not. Sometimes, what worked before, quits working and you have to move on to another remedy.

If your flaking is not too bad, you can start by washing your hair more often with a mild shampoo. Every time you shampoo and condition your hair, make sure you rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no product left in your hair. Products not properly rinsed out can be a single cause of flaking. Avoid styling products that contain alcohol and use hair spray sparingly.

For serious dandruff, there are many solutions on the market today that contain salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, or coal tar to help control remove the dead cells and control any fungus. The cost is higher than other shampoos but it may be cheaper then visiting your dermatologist. Follow the directions carefully and massage thoroughly into your scalp for maximum results. Again, some shampoos may quit working and you may need to try another type.

Home Remedies

There are many things you can do at home to increase you chances of success. Changes in your diet should include reducing your sugar intake and possibly yeast. You probably won't see results quickly but over time, it can help.

Get proper rest and do all that you can to reduce stress. You may need to put something on hold and take some time to relax. Again, results won't be immediate but reducing stress can not only be good for fighting dandruff, it's beneficial to your overall health.

Listerine mouthwash can be used because of it's antiseptic ability to reduce germs and fungus. It can irritate your scalp so don't apply it if you have a "raw" scalp or any open sores.

Aloe Vera is a popular home remedy for a large variety of skin conditions and dandruff is no exception. The best natural remedy is to take the gel from Aloe Vera leaves, apply it directly to your scalp and leave in for hours at a time or overnight, followed by shampooing.

Look for tree oil shampoo at a store that specializes in natural and organic products. Known for it's antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal abilities, tree oil shampoo can be effective in treating dandruff. If your scalp is sore, test a spot first to see if it causes further irritation or allergies.

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Stress Relief in 3 Minutes!
Practice techniques like controlled breathing exercises when you sense your stress levels soaring. The following exercise in breathing can be done for as little as three to five minutes at a time and is a great way to stop escalating feelings of tension, anger, and frustration.

Easy procedure for controlled breathing exercise:
Raise the practice to 15-20 minutes for every day. With habitual practice, you can train your body to rest in stressful situations using this exercise. This exercise can as well be effective in dealing with anxiety, stage fright, panic attacks, and fears (like the fear of flying). Taking a curative pause to focus on your breathing can moreover be a helpful anger management tool also.
1.Be seated in comfort position closing eyes.
2.Concentrate on your present state,& existence ,forget intrusive thoughts.
3.Give attention to your breathing.
4.Breath in gradually through nose taking numerous seconds.
5.Go on for mindful breathing for 3-5mins.

If you're feeling like all is getting on top of you, or you're finding it hard to cope and function as you generally do or maybe you're feeling down in the dumps, and then make an effort to try this.
Take a soothing bath. Add music, candles and a glass of your much loved drink: like tea, hot chocolate, beer, wine or even champagne. Shut the door and forget about all else for an hour or so. This helps to raise levels of calmness and the calmer we feel, the less likely we are to get worried out or depressed. It is a luxurious means to locate stress relief.

And keep in mind that relaxation is simply a good night's sleep away.

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