To take care of your nails, #

Most of us usually just rub on a little cuticle oil, take a break from polish, and hope for the best. But, like our faces and hair, nails need targeted TLC to keep them, well, on point. And companies are starting to take note. So, step away from the acetone soak, move back from the acrylics, and check below tips for more...

Gentle WipesFrom a healthy nails perspective, these non-acetone soaked pads are better than regular remover, thanks to Argan oil, which works as a cuticle oil to soften frayed skin. “Sure, it’s going to take a few passes to get all the polish off, but rather than wrecking your nails, you’re hydrating them.”

Oil“Cuticles are your nails' seal to the world,”they keep the bad out and the good in. If they’re healthy, nutrients are sealed in, and a strong nail will grow.” The antifungal, antiseptic, and antiparasitic properties of this neem-based oil help the cuticle do its job, while chamomile and lavender soothe inflammation, redness, or infection. Use it nightly to help your nails get their Rapunzel on.

PrimerA regular basecoat keeps your nails from yellowing and helps polish stay put — and often that’s about it. This creamy nude, on the other hand, evens out bumps and ridges, and makes your nails look so healthy that even if you have a polish color picked out, you’ll probably reconsider putting anything on top.