common problem for many girls..
*[Armed with these tips, get ready to flaunt fairer skin in your sleeveless tops and dresses.]*
Include these in your daily Lifestyle to get fairer underarms...
Sandalwood magic
Take some sandalwood powder and mix it with either rose water or milk to make a paste.
Apply this paste on your armpits and let it dry.
After that, rinse it off. This paste would lighten your dark armpits
and will leave you with fresh and fragrant underarms.
Try this everyday to notice a difference in your underarm skin.
*If possible, go for waxing to get rid of your underarm hair.
 Regular waxing will gradually reduce the darkness and make the skin tone lighter.
 It is best to avoid shaving or using hair removal creams on your armpits as it leads to skin darkening.
*Chemical deodorants are one of the reasons behind dark armpits.
 So, avoid using deodorants or antiperspirants Too much...
*Wipe your underarms every night with rose water to remove any residues of deodorants or antiperspirants.  Deodorant’s residues are very harmful for the skin.
*Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Tight clothes are bad for your skin, especially for armpits.

HoMe ReMeDies FOR Dry, Chapped and DaRk LIPS :

~Applying the cream of fresh milk can have dual benefits on dry and dark lips.
~Rubbing Vaseline petroleum jelly is an age old treatment for those dry,
chapped lips and is sworn by many till date.
~Applying almond milk or almond oil for an hour can help ease
the dryness of lips after cleaning lips.
~Use beetroot, pomegranate and coriander juice for pink lips.
~Honey, which is believed to have anti-bacterial and moisturising properties,
is often applied on lips. However, when mixed with lemon juice or milk cream,
it does wonders as a lightening balm for those lips.
Take care!