HAVING Problem with too much of FACIAL HAIR?????
Here Are Few Tips To get Rid Of Naturally....
There are many natural bleaching agents that you can
use at home, instead of spending your money on
expensive chemical ones. Here are some natural
ingredients that are known for their natural skin..
Use Potatoes :
Take a potato and slice it into half.
Apply some water on its surface and rub it on your face.
It will lighten the color of your facial hair and
will make your skin soft and supple.
Use Tomatoes :
Take a slice of tomato and rub it on your face.
Do this for 5 minutes and then wash your face.
In a few days, you will notice your hair color lightening.
So Go Ahead And Try Safe Natural Tip...
**It is good to use these remedies over a period of time to see effective results.**

Do you have hair problems like frizzy, dull, and Dry  hair / ?

Read on and find tip you ever wanted for healthy, shiny and problem free locks.....

BaNaNa-HoNeY MaSk :
Honey gives the scalp and hair the much
needed moisture and nourishment.
For shine, beat one tablespoon of honey with
one mashed overripe banana and apply it to on your hair.
Rinse after 25 minutes.
This honey-banana mask restores shine to your weather beaten hair.
So, Girls, Flaunt those Smooth And Shiny locks Again...

Every Bride Dream Is To Look Beautiful And Gorgeous on here day..
But no Idea How?
Here is a list to fallow...
1.Can Do
*Appoint A Make Up Artist :
Even if your good in doing by your self, it should not look like every day makeup.
Eye Drops Must.
*Snooze :Indian Weddings Are Known To Sap The Energy Out of You.
SO Its must that you get enough Sleep To Look Fresh &Feel Fresh.
2.Don't Do
*No Tweezing On The Day :
Doing eyebrow shaping on upper lip on the wedding day may end
up you looking like angry red patches.
*No Colored Contacts :
Be Natural With Your Eyes. Its Not Party Day.
*Don't Use Concealer Too Light To Your Skin.
*NO Smokey Eyes.
*Say No To Trends And Opt For CLASSIC Styles.
By Fallowing These You Too Can Look Like DIVA On Your D-Day.
A basic and simple way to design your tips.
What you need is top coat, nail polish, dotting tools,&top coat. Isn't easy? Go ahead & give a try...