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How to Fade Freckles

If you have freckles hate them. Before you go on a "search and destroy" mission, consider the idea to hide them with makeup. However, there are no easy ways to completely get rid of them.These are few remedies you can check out...

Home Remedies

For those who prefer to fade your freckles with natural home remedies, there are many things you can try. Since the sun's rays enhance freckles and dark spots, stay out of direct sunlight whenever possible and use a sunscreen with the highest SPF available.

If you have a light skin tone, there are many fade creams available for freckles.Be carefull your skin is medium to dark, the creams can cause hyper-pigmentation and darken the spots you're desperately trying to get rid of. Alpha-hydroxy acids can increase the turnover of your skin cells and lighten freckles to an acceptable shade.

Other things to try are lime juice, lemon juice, and fruit and vegetable masks, such as apricot and cucumber. No one method is sure to work on everyone.


The best way to deal with unwanted freckles is also the easiest. You can cover them under foundation and a fresh application of loose powder. You can also try lightly rubbing in a little concealer that is closest to your natural skin tone.

Remember they may be fading naturally because they do have a tendency to diminish with time and season change.

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Looking older??.

As we age we look older , but there are things which make us look older too, so given below are list which we should avoid and are very easy to correct also.


Not using sunscreen 

The one cause of wrinkles is sun rays yet so many people fail to protect their skin.Using sunscreen will help prevent damage to skin and also sunburn that damage skin.


Yellow Teeth

Stained, yellow teeth are not attractive and indicate aging, poor hygiene, and perhaps bad habit(s). If you make it a priority to whiten teeth you can brighten your smile and save years of your appearance.


Being Overweight

Extra pounds have a tendency to look aged and signify aging body. So healthy eating habits and a regular exercise are essential to looking your best at any age.

Hair gray

If you want to look younger cover your gray hair and get an updated hairstyle.

Over Makeup

More flaws to cover as we get older but wearing too much makeup is a (counterproductive) mistake. Lighten up for a fresh, dewy look and wear lip gloss for fuller, shiny lips.


Saggy Breasts

A good support bra will help perk them up again and help prevent future saggage. The sooner, the better.

Dry Skin

Keep yourself (and your skin) hydrated with plenty of water and use a light moisturizer to combat wrinkles.


Poor posture

You can change how others perceive you by standing up straight, keeping shoulders back, and holding 

your head high. Once you begin doing this, it will become habit.

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Winter Care for Dry Skin !!

Face packs for dry skin in the summer

Packs made of fruits that are rich in vitamins and water has a beneficial effect on the dry skin.

>Watermelon mashed and rubbed on the face cools down the skin and revives back the lost moisture. Dried watermelon with some flour makes an excellent scrub to clean the skin.

>The papaya face pack has anti-aging properties and helps in removing dead cells. It is famous for balancing the moisture content of the dry skin.

>Gram flour or basan is best as a cleansing agent and works on all the skin. Dry skin can modify the pack by using basan with full cream, honey and turmeric. This face pack will maintain the moisture levels and remove the dryness of the skin.

>The yogurt Face Pack can be prepared by making a paste of yogurt and honey. This pack revives the dull skin and hydrates the dry skin. It serves like a natural bleach of the skin.

>Yogurt retains the moisture in the skin and revives dull skin. It also acts as a natural bleach. Honey moisturizes and softens skin naturally.

>The sandalwood Face Pack is ideal to cool down the skin. A paste made with sandalwood powder and rose water works wonders on the dry skin in the summer.

You can actually get wonderful skin just by trying these tips at home naturally.

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Hair Styling Tips !!!

Get a style that’s not too much styled . 

One thing that makes you look dated is a “haircut”, with non-choppy layers are gorgeous!
Ask your stylist to “Point Cut” the edges off your layers, this avoids any sharp lines.
There’s a world of hair products…experiment ! It’s a magic bullet when you find the right products to work with your hair .
Beware of flat iron usage... The secret to sexy hair is hair should move, have bounce to it and swing. If you flat-iron your entire head it’ll look to on-purpose, or “wiggy”.
Tip: Don’t try to have your hair stick straight “perfect”.  Let your hair have bounce!

Don’t go nuts with the curling iron either. Take a big curling iron and do just the ends of hair.  You’ll have loose, luxurious waves like Jennifer Lopez.

Tip: The smaller the iron the curlier the ends will be, the bigger the iron the more sexier the wave will be. Make a fist, that’s how big your iron should be to get this look.

Always remember your roots....!  Women forget to use volumizing products where their hair starts, which is why so many walk around with flat tops.  Spritz a thickening spray right at the scalp, then blowdry your hair upside down!

Tip:When blowdrying upside down massage your roots with your finger tips, this encourages the hair to expand at the roots. If you use a brush it will disperse the product throughout your hair resulting in no volume.
Wear a pontail stepping out at night. There is nothing more gorgeous than a  glamorous ponytail when it is placed correctly on the head. Too high above the ears is too young, right at the ears is too casual, but low at the nape is stunning.
Tip:Lightly style the tail with a light hairspray, then smooth on glossing cream. The spray helps the cream stick so hair looks sleek and not messy.

Wondering about latest Hair trends ??

Hair-piercing  latest hair-trend.
We are just in with latest Hair piercing trend , seriously obsessed. The statement-making hair accessories are an edgy way to accentuate your braids, curls or everyday ‘do. Getting back hair beads of the late 70s. By adorning them with metal coils, studs or spikes, or beeds girls know how to make even a humble single braid look 😎.
Even celebs are in the action, using pearls and rings on more than one occasion.
So go ahead, mix and match your hair piercings and get creative. Pick up hoops,beads,studs, etc and Spikes, coils and other edgy hair piercings, visit the British online accessories emporium "Regalrose". Also check with images above to get an idea of how to use and get in to trend.
So Girls why wait go ahead and flaunt your flocks with latest accessories. πŸ’ƒπŸ»
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Getting use of Foundation??.??

When you apply foundation to your face, you are creating a base to even out your skin tone covering flaws.
Different  types of foundations available in a variety of shades and coverage. Your choice should depend upon your skin type,and age. Given below are the major types of foundation, one of which should be perfect for you.
Types of Foundation ::-::
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is probably the most popular because it's easy to apply, and comes in many shades to choose from. Not only that, it sets well on both oily and dry skin. If your skin is oily, choose a water-based, liquid foundation and if your skin is dry, you can go with oil-based to help keep skin supple and moist. If you have combination skin, try both but begin with water-based.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation goes on quickly and because it is very dry, it works well with oily skin. Using a brush, just dip, tap, and buff into your skin until satisfied with coverage. This kind of foundation is a great introduction for teens or those who do not ordinarily wear makeup and gives a more natural look if applied properly. Unlike liquid or creme foundation, it supplies no extra moisture so it's not recommended for  dry skin.

Cream Foundation
Offering the heaviest coverage, cream foundation is usually found in a compact or in stick form but sometimes comes in a tube or jar. The texture is much thicker and will cover more noticeable flaws such as blemishes, acne scars, and rosacea. Creme will work for all skin types but can be too heavy for oily skin. If you still prefer heavy coverage and your skin is oily, try finishing off your foundation with some loose, translucent powder applied with a brush.

Liquid to Powder
This foundation comes in a compact and should be applied with a sponge applicator or brush. You need to work fast because it dries rather quickly. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to settle into pores, fine lines and wrinkles, making them more visible, particularly in bright light. Not recommended for dry skin. You'll either love it or hate it.
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Skin Care After 30's...!!!
After 30 yrs., everyone worries about wrinkle and aging skin.Here I want to rescue you all from such worry.So,here am sharing some beauty tips about how to say bye to anti-age skin. Which are easily available at your home store. Let’s checkout how??.......
Egg Pack-Take one tsp of egg white in a bowl, mix well and apply on your face, keep it for 15 minutes, rinse with cold water. Do it in alternate day. 
Carrot Pack-Cut half inch carrot and ½ potato, boil them, then mash it properly and add turmeric, mix well. Apply over your face, leave it for 2 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water. This pack helps to reduce wrinkle and gives smooth skin.
Coconut Milk Pack-Squeeze out the milk from the grated coconuts, Apply over the skin, after 20 minutes wash off face with cold water.
Banan - Take 5 to 6 pieces of ripe banana, mash with warm water. Make a fine paste. Apply over the face and neck. Keep 10 minutes rinse with warm water.

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